Wednesday, January 22, 2014


新碟特別版的包裝廣被批評,其實,設計師Les Suen孫浚良是著名書籍設計師,可能未設計過CD包裝,沒考慮過甩毛問題,而《Re:Workz》的包裝無可避免地帶點其書籍設計的影子。

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Anonymous said...

I'm re-posting my comments here:

Bought this in February but I really hated this packaging. The two blocks of spongy thingy made of fiber where the CDs sit on are really suspicious. Not sure what they are made of! There might be Asbestos (that is hazardous & cancer causing to human health) in it - you'll never know!

What is the purpose of having such a huge packaging of completely nothing? They are just creating more waste! If Sandy & company are so environmentally conscious, then they should have as little packaging as possible - perhaps just a thin recycled cardboard paper sleeve containing the discs & the album booklet.

I have threw away these spongy thing & used a slim double DVD case to hold the discs as substitute.

Shame on you designer!