Friday, November 29, 2013

狗狗同樂日 (photo credit : HKDR)

from Sally's Blog (HKDR) (excerpt) : Sandy Lam was our Event Ambassador and thanks to her we had more media interest than we have ever had before, and there was a real press scrum at the opening ceremony. I know a lot of people missed this because we had to make a last-minute move to another part of open area, and there is always a limited time for us (the crowds) to be gathered in the public area of the Peak.
Other celebrities joined for the photo taking including Wong Yat Wah and his wife, both adopters and long-term supporters.
The first part of the walk down the hill was led by Sandy Lam and Marcus Wong’s two adopted dachshunds, who made it a record fast time in their enthusiasm. Everyone else was running to keep up, and it was just as well we stopped for a break at the Jax Coco coconut water stand (where Sandy had to leave us to go to another appointment) or we would have been in Lan Kwai Fong in about fifteen minutes!

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