Friday, September 27, 2013

[造型師Alvin Goh微博] 對抗乳癌慈善相展

[造型師Alvin Goh微博] 一個充滿愛與感情的慈善計劃,一起來攜手支持對抗乳癌,雅詩蘭黛集團"We're stronger Together"慈善相片展,明天香港金鐘太古廣場Garden Court一至兩點揭幕,參與單位包括3位亞洲天后濱崎步、林憶蓮、陳潔儀 等等,大家一定要來支持 !!!

憶蓮身旁兩位洋女是Hong Kong Dog Rescue工作人員。

Hong Kong Dog Rescue工作人員Sally 9月6日blog :
Hopefully today brought the madness of this particular week to an end, but it was no less crazy than any of the other days. I had to start very early as I was taking part in a photo shoot as part of an upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness campaign for October. My participation came about through singing star Sandy Lam, who I got to know after she adopted a dog from our Pokfulam Kennels three years ago. Sandy has been very kind and supportive over the years and has helped with promoting Peak to Fong and last year’s “Viva Paws Vegas” gala, so when she asked if I would join her for this particular section of the campaign, of course I happily agreed. Margaret Kutt, who most of you will know as Ms Pinky from last year’s Gala (and this year’s ‘Dogfather’ too), was also part of the shoot, as a friend of both Sandy and myself. The theme of our photo was friendship, and you can see the result in October’s Cosmopolitan magazine and at an exhibition at Pacific Place which opens (inconveniently for me) on Saturday 28th September, the same day as our Dogfather gala event. Think Charlie’s Angels and you’ll be on the right track, and it was certainly a day out from my usual jeans-and-T-shirt look!

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