Sunday, March 9, 2014

KKBOX音樂大人物 訪問



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Anonymous said...

Just a thought: I think Sandy has made it clear in the interview that Re-Workz is the kind of music one can enjoy during bedtime, like singing a lullaby next to our ears with gentleness.

I guess one may not be able to enjoy this style of singing/music when playing in a hifi but with audiophile-like headphones at the end of a busy day. The original versions may suit our speakers better. It is not so much if one version is better than the other.

Also, from an academic point of view, the context/experience of the performer/interpreter is changing continuously (so is ours). Thus, no matter it is because of the love experience she is experiencing now or because of the overall new understanding of her own life, her current interpretation will never be the same.

Thus, I listen to both versions accordingly.