Saturday, December 9, 2017

林憶蓮 - 沙灘 (原唱陶喆) 夢想的聲音2 第六集 2017年12月8日

[林憶蓮fb] Only Blue....💙
編曲:常石磊/陳君豪/黃少雍/Ari Calangi
Bass: Ray Vaugh Covington
Guitar: Derrick Sepnio
Keyboards: Fergus Chow
Drums: Jun Kung
Vocal design and produced by Jun Kung
合聲 : 常石磊 潘琪妮
合聲編寫:常石磊 恭碩良 潘琪妮

[恭碩良fb] Great arrangement from Stone(beijing)/ARI(Macau)
I’m triggering my drums all the way to get the dub step Drum sound.
Everything is played live with minimal overdub.
I am so happy with the vocal arrangement sandy and I came up with.
Great song by Mr.David Tao......
What an honor !! My fav arrangement by far....
Absolutely love JAY JAY’s reaction when the drums comes in!!! Haha
Pls enjoy and share !

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