Friday, May 26, 2017

[derrick_sepnio ig] 林憶蓮出席結他手Derrick婚禮 (5月13日)

Went thru 13 weeks of intense flying and work I know you must be both physically and mentally drained and deserve a long vacation . Instead you decided to cut your vacation short just to attend my big day , I'm truly touched not because you are one of the biggest Chinese singer of our time ,but it s your effort and the love you ve always shown us . I'm always always learning from you my big sis , you constantly remind me that being a nice and sweet person doesn't make you "finish last" ,It gets u "started" on lotta beautiful thing instead #bestartist #who #always #show #love #to #everyone

[kennyegwong ig] 林憶蓮與排舞師Kenny出席結他手Derrick Sepnio婚禮 (5月13日)
I'm blessed to reunion with my sister @sandylamyilin today, feel wonderful to had great inspirational chat with you😘🙏🏼🙌🏼 #derrickpeggy #bigday #happiness

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