Thursday, June 19, 2014


網民意見 : 現在正投入地享受中!( 聽緊《City Rhythm》...... ) 就音質而言,d聲比T113-01版清晰了許多,立體感明顯加強了,再加埋本靚靚booklet,令人聽得好賞心悅目。
- 非常讚同,啲聲真係唔錯!
- 另外,我張隻放落個宇宙盤到播,竟然顯示係「HDCD」,可算是另一個驚喜!
- Remix CD仲正, 估唔到咁多年後可以用合理價錢擁有全set, 好感動


max said...

can someone help? from canada and sold out everywhere online :(

Anonymous said...

I am living in Holland, how and where can I buy these online ? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I see that website like are selling the normal HK version of these (not the made in japan version). Beside this, are everything else the same include the 2 cd bundle, song list and the CD booklet?