Wednesday, June 10, 2009


photos and English text provided by Jeremy

憶蓮獲《Jessica旭茉》雜誌頒發「成功女性大獎2009」,昨晚出席港島香格里拉酒店Grand Ballroom舉行的頒獎典禮,她是最後一位得獎者,一出場即引起哄動和掌聲,她表示自己的成功全因歌迷支持,大會場刊內有憶蓮的訪問和全新照片。

Sandy received the award of "Most Successful Women 2009" by Jessica last night. The ceremony was held in the grand ballroom of Island Shangri-La Hotel.

They had printed a nice booklet with interviews and new photos of Sandy (as attached). The rundown was a bit long, and some of the awardees from China didn't turn up (but show their pre-recorded videos). Sandy came last and immediately stirred up much sensations from the guests with big appaluse - she was thankful to Jessica and said she would not be successful without the support of her fans.

Official photos should be sent out by South China Media today to all media (because no other media was allowed to go in the ballroom). The attached 2 photos were taken by my own camera.


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Congradulation ... Sandy

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